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About Compliance Mapping

ComplianceMappings is a collection of over 200 regulations, standards and best practices that have been mapped and connected using the Consult2Comply's Compliance Mapper API. ComplianceMappings allows you to create custom mapped reports for multiple frameworks.

The reports you create can be used to link your policies and procedures to standards and best practices in order to demonstrate compliance. Compliance Mapping presents a powerful and intuitive correlation between the effectiveness of the controls you've selected and provides solid documentation of how they're actually being used. It also provides an interface through which you can correlate strengths and weaknesses within your best practice frameworks that you adopt in order to build out those controls. Make a change to policies and procedures and instantly see the impact on standards, regulations and best practices. Or, if there is a change in the regulation, instantly see the impact on your policies and procedures. Connecting these dots and clarifying the relationships allows you to cover key areas of potential risk and to focus on areas in need of critical attention.

The Compliance Mapper API is the same engine used to solve the problem of paper based compliance challenges. It enables you to instantly create bi-directional links between your policies and procedures and the standards, regulations and best practices that directly affect your business.

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